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BitKings Exchange. A new economy is possible
As you may already know, BitKings started off being an educative platform of simulated crypto trading.
Once the simulated platform was up and running, the creators, based in Andorra, envisaged BitKings Exchange, a real crypto-trading platform, as the perfect place where BitKings Community would able to put knowledge into practice.
Created and led by a group of crypto enthusiasts, BitKings Team believes in the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide.
Therefore, BitKings Exchange will eventually be formed by both real and virtual trading screens, designed to welcome all types of crypto traders and offer them exclusive trading experiences.
Hence, BTK Labs section will focus on the promotion and creation of experimental tokens with innovative token economics and distributions.
Overall, BitKings exchange is a place where newbies will be able to learn how to trade crypto in a virtual way and then put their knowledge into practice through an Easy trading screen. Those who are already crypto-trading experts will have a new Pro Screen to trade which, designed by trading experts, will include all the ultimate and important indicators at a competitive price.

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BTK Token

BitKings BTK Token reduces up to 50% trading fees

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