BTK Token

BitKings (BTK) Tokens with ID 1002530 have been created based on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 token protocol.
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The BTK Token has been legally analysed and qualified as a Utility token as it only confers a right of access to a digital use or a digital service and never qualified as a mean of transferable value. The BitKings (BTK) Token does not represent a share in the Company and does not give any of the shareholder rights in the Company’s organisation to the BTK holders.
Moreover, BTK holders are not allowed to vote in the Company’s policy and management decisions, are not entitled to any kind of dividend or profit distribution, are not registered as shareholders, cannot participate in the capital of the Company and do not have any expectation to receive proceeds from the liquidation of the Company.
BitKings (BTK) Tokens will be fully usable at the time of their issuance for the following purposes:
Firstly, BitKings (BTK) Token holders will be able to access to discounted trading fees in the exchange;
Secondly, they will be used as a reward mechanism within BitKings community to enhance the BitKings experience;
Thirdly, the BitKings (BTK) tokens will serve as a mean of payment and access to products and services specifically designed by the BitKings team and its partners.

BitKings (BTK) Token Benefits


Up to 50% off on trading fees

For users in the Seahorse tier onwards


Virtual Screen Only

BTK as a Performance Reward Method


Social Commitment and engagement

BTK as a Community Reward Method


Developed by BitKings

Access to services and applications


BTK Exclusive

Access to special tokens

*Please note that BitKings (BTK) Tokens already allocated will be migrated to ERC20 before launch.

To know more about BitKings BTK Token, download the latest Tokenomics paper