BitKings enhances conscious trading through a culture of knowledge sharing

Starting off as a social platform of simulated crypto-trading, BitKings was initially created by a couple of friends back in July 2018 with the mission to eliminate misleading agents in the crypto-market.
Frank PM and Ferran, current co-founders, thought the crypto atmosphere was filled with misleading trading indicators which were usually provided by people who self-branded themselves as authorities or experts.
Therefore, BitKings was initially supposed to be the place where crypto enthusiasts would trade in a simulated way whilst making use of ultimate trading indicators and transparent information regarding the crypto market.
Today, having the same vision, BitKings is a crypto exchange where knowledge is put into practice and where crypto enthusiasts get to know new crypto experiences.

Our Milestones

Jul 2018

Idea of BitKings as a simulated crypto trading platform

Sep 2018

Development of BitKings Virtual Platform

Apr 2019

Launch of BitKings Virtual Platform

Jun 2019

BitKings Exchange as a mission

Mar 2020

BitKings Exchange Launch Preparation